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The Reviews

All of the reviews are written by my miniature long haired dachshund Roo with a little assistance from me (her mom).
She was more than happy to lend her paw to this project saying, "who better than a dachshund to review books about dachshunds?" After 11 years I knew better than to argue with her.

We both hope you will enjoy her dachshund-point-of-view reviews. No matter how unconventional they may be.

(Read Roo's latest review below)

Roo's Review of

Frankie the Walk 'n Roll Dog

Frankie's story is that of the underdog. Well, not "The Underdog." Oh, you know what me mean.

Her life begins like most puppies lives: romping and playing while waiting for that day when the person who will be your forever Mommy comes and gets you.

Frankie's new home comes fully equipped with a Mom Barb, Dad John, and chocolate lab sister Cassie.

Her life is filled with fun activities that include riding in Mom's bike basket to the Farmer's Market on warm summer days and napping on the lush green front lawn.

Frankie's happy, tranquil life is however, turned upside down when a terminal illness strikes her sister Cassie.

When the time is right a new sister kylie arrives and they are soon snuggling together on Frankie's dancing kitty pillow. (Me thinks I need to have a wittle talk with her about this dancing kitty pillow not be standard dachshund issue.)

While Frankie's mom and dad are away from home on vacation the unthinkable happens and Frankie and her family's lives are changed forever.

As this new chapter of Frankie's life begins she exhibits bravery far beyond her small dachshund stature.

In the end it is a small cart with wheels custom fit for Frankie that sets her on a path filled with new experiences, many wonderful new friends and the joy of being a carefree dachshund once again.

This little dachshund is an inspiration to all who meet her and her story will touch the hearts of all who read it.

It is Frankie's can-do attitude and unwavering spirit that draws us to her. She never gives up, never complains and it is through her that we learn anything is possible.

Me would likes to say that I hope I didn't use da words small or wittle too many times. Me know that me is very sensitive to those words and want yu to know me meant no offense. Momma put all the words in da right places for me as me told her what me wanted to say.

Me would like to express my gratitude to Frankie and her mom Barb for sending me a copy of this wonderful book to review.


(Written by Roo March 16, 2009)

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